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Hazy Holiday (2019)

This year for the third time in a row we sat down with guys and girls from PRH and tried to find the meaning of life. This was a bit too much for us, so we figured we rather talk about beer. And we realised that the best thing we can do is to brew the greatest refreshener of all, a hazy pale ale! 🎉

This brew is double dry hopped so no worries for lack of fruity punch into your guts. Aromas and taste of ripe ananas, mango, papaya and citrus follow in the background. Easy going beer as you will be on your inflated floating flamingo, pizza, sex doll, couch, train or whatever you prefer to ride on. And refreshing as the jump into mighty beautiful Soča river!

Give your nose, tongue, brains and liver a serious treat. ☀️🍻🤸‍♀️