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花 Witbier (2019)

My journey into the depths of beer started 10 Years ago. First i was just curious, then i was obsessed. It was witbier that got me into exploration of the beer and it got me deep into the craft of brewing. The idea of brewing a witbier in our brewery was laying on the paper for a long time and went through many changes until now.
What we made is a very refreshing wheat beer that has intense floral and fruity aromas from the special yeast which I chose very carefully. We added some insanely delicious stuff; kaffir lime leaves, orange and grapefruit zest and coriander. On tongue it has a nice and fluffy feel and finishes easy, which gives you place for another sip. We are always leaning toward flavourful beers that are very drinkable, so we did it again with this one. 花 is a witbier with 4,4% alc/vol that has lovely balance between all the ingredients composed into one floral citrusy fruity experience.
The name of the beer might be a riddle to you, but if reflects the riddle that the beer was for me before I started exploring it. Be curious.