*GALLINK ⚡ …is a collaboration project between Jameson Irish Whiskey and Bevog brewery and it is a first Black IPA ever aged in Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels.
The name and design are inspired by the ink of kings, poets, and artists: iron gall ink – a high-quality dark violet ink that allegedly Pliny the Elder of the Roman Empire used to refer to. He is even said to be the first person to mention “hops” in his transcript. The two elements, however, connect far more than just name.
The maturing of this very limited edition beer – GALLINK Barrel Aged Black IPA took place in 15 Jameson Irish Whiskey barrels, which are made from high-quality oak and held together by metal hoops. Similar materials can also be found in the case of gall ink: In addition to dried and crushed oak gall apples, it also requires water and metal for its production. And both final products need a long time of maturing to achieve their highest of quality. In terms of taste, this BEVOG&JAMESON barrel Aged Black IPA reminds of a mix of characteristic hop aromas, roast aromas, vanilla, caramel, and wood. And even the wood from one of the Jameson oak barrels is reflected in the purple packaging